Top brands in the world compete in Hangzhou Hubin International Famous Street

Top brands in the world compete in Hangzhou Hubin International Famous Street

In July and August of this year, Valentino, the famous Italian clothing brand, will open the first women’s flagship store on the famous Hubin Street in Hangzhou. “For more than four months, Shanghai Nanjing Road was also our competition, and Valentino was attracted by Hangzhou's investment environment and famous shopping malls. The flagship store's products are now ready to begin renovation in mid-April.” International Famous Street Ma Qihua, general manager of the operating company said.

With the setting up of Valentino, all the 34 shops on the famous street have been crowned with flowers. The world's top brands gathered here include: Ferrari, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, ARMANI-CASA, OMEGA...

Since its opening in October 2005, Lakeside International Famous Street has become the world's top brand gathering place. Following Beijing and Shanghai, Hangzhou has become another fashion shopping paradise in Mainland China. “Opening the streets for more than half a year, the retail sales trend is very good. The major brands are quite satisfied. Now, in addition to Hangzhou and Zhejiang people shopping, many foreigners visiting the West Lake will also buy some high-end brand goods in the neighborhood. Bring back," said Ma Qihua.

The Champs-Elysees condenses the prosperous and romantic Paris. Canterstrasse exudes the charm of Vienna's music capital. The commercial street, as the highlight of urban life, records the prosperity of the city, and it symbolizes the characteristics of the region. history and culture.

In addition to Hubin International Famous Street, Hangzhou has 8 commercial street features: Qinghefang Historic District, Sijiqing Apparel Street, Wensan Road Electronic Information Street, Wulin Road Fashion Women's Characteristic Street, and Silk Characteristic Street...

Outside the characteristic street, shopping malls in Hangzhou Wulin and Wushan shopping district are crowded with people on a rest day. “People in Shaoxing, Zhuji, Ningbo, etc., all like to go to Hangzhou to buy things. Hangzhou has become a well-recognized place for shopping.” Tang Yue, deputy director of the Hangzhou Trade Bureau, said that especially the world’s top brands have entered. Radiating the surrounding area makes Hangzhou more and more attractive.

Tang Yue said that compared with other cities, Hangzhou also integrates shopping, leisure and tourism. For consumers in the outside world, “shopping” is no longer just a shopping activity. The environment has also become a Important factors, play, leisure, and shopping complement each other, it is Hangzhou this leisure shopping paradise features.

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