The keen definition of the trend is when new luxury goods are now popular...

The keen definition of the trend is when new luxury goods are now popular...

Many young people's passion for luxury goods is extraordinary, the limited edition of LV, the latest version of PRADA... However, this is only a future purchase plan because they are shy. As a result, they turned to popular fashion items: Starbucks coffee, Swatch watches, limited edition sports shoes from Adidas, Apple's Ipod, leiv's limited edition jeans and Evian mineral water. These products are called new luxury goods.

“Planning to buy is something that is just an old-fashioned luxury product,” said Fu Hu, general manager of Shanghai Lingshi Advertising Co., “The purchase of a new luxury product is completely without plans. It may only satisfy your emotional needs at some time, or Some kind of brand belief.” Unlike old luxury goods, new luxury goods are something many young people can get by jumping a little. It provides a more practical idea for Chinese companies.

The four elements of the new luxury

Has at least one product with a "catalyst" effect. Usually new luxury goods attach great importance to the "catalyst" power, and most of them are derived from catalyst products.

A perfume manufacturer of a well-known British brand has been distressed by the dismal sales of its products. After continuous advertising, sales still do not see improvement. Suddenly, the public relations personnel in the romantic connotation of perfume, associated with women's underwear and cocktail parties, and then designed a series of underwear, cocktail party evening dress promotion, even without any additional advertising, sales soared, Driven sales of perfumes. Underwear is a product that acts as a catalyst, embodying the romance of perfume. Starbucks, as we know it, is also a catalyst for coffee and has become a well-known leisure place.

Correct judgment of values. The new luxury products meet the emotional needs. I can tell the strategy director of Marketing Communications Co., Ltd. Tang Yufei: “Young upstarts are breaking through the old luxury order established by the rich. Although they are starting to play luxury goods, they are not highlighted. Identity, not the superior aristocratic sense, but the use of it, and emotional satisfaction, this is the young people's new luxury attitude.They will not consider a 200,000 yuan worth of watches as a new luxury, because they know better The perfect combination of reason and sensibility."

Sharp definition of the trend. If you are advocating "new feminism," then your "Girl Power" will be OUT. Nowadays, with the popularity of pub culture, Chivas immediately abandons the image of the past and enters the bar. According to the Chivas Media Planner Mr. Wang, Chivas's ads for this year are basically all in the entertainment places around bars or bars. Consumers do not like Chivas to drink, but it has become a trend of the moment. "Chivas + green tea" is the stipulated action for light rain to enter entertainment venues. "Otherwise, it doesn't feel good," Xiaoyu told reporters.

Every point of contact with the consumer is important. We want to buy a bottle of shampoo. We only care about the brand of shampoo. We often ignore the salesperson and the store setup. From the moment the consumer stands at the front of the store, the new luxuries pass the brand's cultural connotations to consumers who pick up the bags and leave the storefront. Duo Feng, deputy general manager of Shanghai Guantang Advertising Co., Ltd., said: “Because the boundary between new luxury goods and mass consumer goods is blurred, in the homogenized mass production, perhaps a little attention on the details can bring emotional emotion to consumers. Trust."

Three different competitive strategies

Select the difference in propagation vectors. The spread of new luxury goods is based on interpersonal communication, and at the same time, it is moving towards entertainment. The combination of movies and television is the most common type. The recent American hit TV series "Orange Boys" sold Leiv'S 517 jeans and COACH canvas shoes overnight. “Using fashion parties to spread is also a new luxury brand's approach.” Jia Suming, a consultant brand expert at Kerton, told reporters that “At the beginning of the year, I participated in DuPont's 'Leica' fashion PARTY, entered the clubhouse, expensive furniture, exquisite wine glasses and women. Their expensive evening dresses have become mobile advertising posters. They are not trying to tell you the value of the products, but to provide an experience. The most important thing is to create a platform for fashion exchanges so that people who come Lived it."

Personality differences. Different personalities determine the differences in value judgments. Even if they are the same consumer group, they will have different personalities. Some people pursue styles, some people pursue cost-effectiveness, and some people seek comfort. Some people pursue a sense of fashion. The marketers of new luxury goods should closely monitor the media, living places or amusement places that consumers care about, integrate the information, and design the means to influence the consumers, including all aspects of sight, feeling and hearing.

Differences in the category of competition. The different points of competition have resulted in different audiences and interests. The immediate competitors of instant noodles are Other instant noodle producers, but may also include other fast food restaurants or instant foods within the scope of competition; Swatch, the direct competitor is a watch manufacturer, but will also put all Fashion jewelry manufacturers are included in the competition. Yang Yinong, marketing manager of Beijing Meida Starbucks Coffee Co., Ltd., said that Starbucks is not only positioning itself as a place to buy good coffee, but also a casual place. Its competitor is Nestlé, which is also all Leisure bar, consumer place. The expansion of the scope of competition allows them to stand on the higher end of the brand's marketing than similar brands.

Define new luxury products:

The new luxury goods are high quality, high price, capable of mass production, superior craftsmanship, and are mainly used to satisfy the value-driven population. It is between ordinary consumer goods and luxury goods, and is detached from the outer edge of luxury goods. It is not only a fashion item, but also a personal symbolic proposition, such as Apple's IPOD, new features of mobile phones, Swarovski, TOWNHOUSE and so on.

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