Towards the natural wilderness 05 Early autumn Sports brand popular law

Towards the natural wilderness 05 Early autumn Sports brand popular law
Sports brands are getting closer to the fashion and non-sporting sports. The sports brand has long since passed, and only looking at the brand is willing to shout! The number of sports brands and fashion alliances have evoked a warm response. Fashion people have been awarded sportswear. The gym is not the only destination, but it is one of the shortcuts to fashion.

In the fall of 2005, the deep-water bomb for sports, women's wear was Stella McCartney's collaboration with adidas sportswear, men's wear was not idle! Nike launches a brand new fashion camping series (BASE CAMP COLLECTION) with men's magical tour of the wilderness forests on the three continents of Europe, America and Asia! The key point is that this series is particularly fashionable. The tailoring can be played from looseness to fit. The richness of the items is even better than that of women. The lower body trousers are particularly plentiful. Many pockets are themes. The inspiration is said to come from work clothes and uniforms.

The whole series is divided into “Gravity outdoor leisure”, “Traction hip-hop street” and “Authentic retro folk style”, with the European Alps, the American Rocky Mountains, and the Himalayas of Asia as the spiritual indicators. The mountain pattern is similar to the oriental cloud sea and contains rings. The folk-religious motifs that are linked to the rings become the most fresh identification mark outside the fall knife knives.

From the viewpoint of the mountains, local folk customs have also become a fashion mark. Another innovative pattern is the appearance of a dog-like sled on the chest similar to the American mountain forest workers, and a horse brand, umbrella, or big crocodile fashion brand. The charm and concept are very similar. The number of riddles that began to appear last year was played by 6453 and 72. 72 was the year of the official registration of the knife and the 6453 was the number corresponding to the four English words of NIKE on the telephone keypad.

This season does not talk about performance, regardless of material, modeling is the first, do not let the fashion special in the United States, Nike fall clothing strongly recommends "length pairing" and "color contrast", especially with the fashion proposal, for example, very fit sports jacket inside With a more relaxed cotton T, sleeves, down, so there is a different layer of color and length; Nike even in the autumn to invite stylists to take care of the male model fashion styling, lower body and even the appearance of "internal and external short" level effect, but also rare The appearance of creation.

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