Asahi Kasei Corporation "Three Loves" Brand Swimwear

Asahi Kasei Corporation "Three Loves" Brand Swimwear
The renowned Japanese company Asahi Kasei Textile Co., Ltd. cooperated with Japan's top fashion magazine “Jiayin CANCAM” and held a series of dazzling events on the first floor of Shanghai’s Westgate Plaza on June 18 and 19, 2005. The organizer invited Mo Wandan and Du Chanai, who represented the new generation models in China and Japan, to use the summer beach as the background, dazzling swimwear as the theme, and jointly interpreting the trend of leading swimsuits in the summer of 2005. Swimwear show, push the event to a climax.

"Asahi Kasei Textiles" from Japan has always been committed to the manufacture of fibers that are technically strong and independent, and has actively and courageously launched its business and is active in the international arena. The launch of the “Three Love” swimwear in Shanghai is expected to contribute to the further activity of the Chinese and Japanese markets. It also hopes that Asahi Kasei Textile’s unique, functional and unique material will be recognized in the Chinese market. Knowledge has been further improved.

This event aims to improve physical and mental athletic ability. Through different combinations and combinations, it will show people the trend of swimwear release in the summer of 2005, and will promote Japan's most advanced textile materials to the Chinese market.

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