We are a company that produces special footwear products. How does the hallux valgus in human foot deformity be?

The first ankle articulates prominently outwards. In the analysis of the foot type, we call the hallux valgus angle more than 20 degrees as the hallux valgus foot. The hallux valgus foot except a few are caused by trauma. Most of them are often worn thin shoes, narrow shoes, short shoes. The shoes worn by the hallux valgus are not only easy to deform and early damage, but also easily lead to the wearer's first metatarsophalangeal joint being continuously compressed and Friction and swelling, serious surgery also requires treatment. Therefore, our footwear designer in the design of shoes (especially shoe last), can not be one-sided pursuit of style, especially before the age of 4 years old baby feet can increase every year 10mm, Wai Wai can increase 9mm, when designing such shoe last more attention.
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