Shoes: Funny numbers for shoes and common sense for selecting shoes

Interesting figures about shoes ● One person walks an average of 7,000 to 15,000 steps a day. ● The distance to walk in life is more than 18 million kilometers, which is equivalent to 4 circles around the earth. ● The weight of the sole under the weight of "1.5" when walking. ● The weight of the sole of the foot is 2-3 times the weight when running. ● People with "2/3" are not as big as two feet. ● Each foot consists of 26 bones. ● The bones of the entire 1/4 population are concentrated on both feet. ● "70%" of Taiwanese women, shoes size between 23 and 24.5. ● The sweat glands on the soles of the feet are very developed. The amount of sweat per day on the shoes adds up to 200 ml. ● The former Philippine First Lady Imaho has more than 5,000 pairs of shoes. Select shoes common sense ● 3 pm to 6 pm is most suitable for buying shoes, because the feet are the smallest in the morning, will expand in the afternoon, at this time to buy shoes to find the most suitable size. ● Be sure to try it on and try it out before you know if it fits. ● It is not always necessary to buy shoes of the same size each time, because the sizes and styles of gimmicks and styles will vary. ● Try to stand on, because the feet will stand larger when sitting. ● Walk around during the test to see if the shoe's stability and size are appropriate. ● Wearing the socks that are usually worn on the test shoes will not select the wrong size due to the different thickness of the socks. ● Pay attention to the joints and threads in the shoes so as not to cause foot discomfort, especially when purchasing styles that do not require socks. ● The heel of the shoe should be higher than the sole of the foot, and the cystic ridges should be distorted. ● The soles should be soft and elastic to distribute the impact evenly. ● Shoe lasts must not be pressed to the toes. All toes should be placed naturally. ● Don't buy hard-to-size shoes. The size of shoes that are too small will last for a long time. ● At least two pairs of shoes should be worn instead to allow the shoes to breathe. ● If there are insoles at least once a month, change every three months.
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