Boots Yuli, 18 hot money value recommended

Lead: In addition to fur in winter, it is an excellent pair of high-heeled boots. The unique material repair leg boots make us stand more beautiful and handsome, for this Xiaobian special selected 18 pieces of real wear hot money, for your reference!

Recommended 1 flat bottom

Like to step on high-heeled high-flying, fascinated by the high-heeled Dana curve, but this season, choose a flat bottom is a wise, but also more able to express the calm and peace of life.

With the Tips Women's neutral boom is no longer able to resist, how to make their own neutral style more powerful expression, or take out the stars to do things more "education".

Recommended 2 two pointed

The more common pointed shoes are usually represented by relatively smooth lines, and this year they are more popular as a kind of “slam brake” type small tip. Go to the mall and go.

With Tips both daily renewal and exciting, and often worried about the "bad reflection", perhaps it is the fashion to blame, let more women fall into a round after round of "Modern struggle!"

Recommended 3 animal prints

The enamel pattern, the crocodile pattern, and the lambskin/hair are the new highlights of this year's boots. Concise but clean lines make the material the first protagonist of expressiveness.

With Tips free and sexy together, neutral and charming parallel, no matter how irritated your body, this year should give yourself to prepare a loose dress, the reason Well, after reading the following text naturally clear.

Recommended 4 neutral

The style can be very neutral, the temperament can be very neutral, and the design can also be very neutral. Combined with the vitality of a little sport, add some ethnic charm, new feelings and new appearances.

With Tips ' understanding of neutrality, we can associate with a free and handsome image. In a complete sense, the neutrality has no market. Designers start from the details of the extraordinary style of the heroic style of military uniform interpretation.

Recommended 5 riding boots

Rough lines, thick and firm design, stable and beautiful, adding the elements of men's boots make you shine.

With the arrival of Tips fall, it is the good season for the jacket “harvest”. The mainstream of autumn and winter decided that this year's jacket is different from the past. Military uniform style, double-breasted, ... to create a hard and soft autumn beauty!

Recommended 6 wedges and straps

The wedge heels are still popular, and the strappy boots with a bit of rock and roll feel unique in their "boots" group. You don't want to miss the avant-garde.

With Tips body has always been the biggest factor affecting the effect of dressing, no one's ratio is absolutely perfect, "general" or the majority, the right medicine for the autumn beauty set a beautiful template it.

Are you ready for the beautiful autumn and winter?

Concluding remarks: If you want to keep up with the trend, you must first settle down and then take it as a foundation, and break through to find the one that suits you best.

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