Premier Wen inspected Islay Group made an important speech

Editor's note: At 3:50 pm on August 22, Premier Wen Jiabao from the State Council and leaders of relevant ministries and commissions came to Yelei Industrial Park for work inspection and investigation. Premier Wen Jiabao accompanied by President Chen Tun and others , Has learned about the development history of Islay Group Corporation, its main business, design and development, cultural construction, business conditions and so on. Zhejiang Provincial Governor Lu Zushan and other provincial leaders, Lishui Municipal Party Committee leaders and some high-level Islay Group visited the company. Premier Wen Jiabao inspected the Islay Group, which is the greatest honor and honor for Islay. Premier Wen is with care, wishes and wishes come, all this move belongs to every Islay. The inspection lasted 40 minutes and delivered an important speech. Now the full text of Premier Wen's speech is as follows: Hello everyone! A short time to see you this factory, very happy to know that in the financial crisis, our factory overcome suffering, management, sales, corporate profits, but also better! In fact, just now I saw that there was a factory in the factory called Wish Box (Note: Mind Receiver), our responsible person asked me if I would like to cast a wish. In fact, the wish of a box is generally not to say. But I tell you, I hope you plant better and better. This business, which has two sentences, I am very careful, called "people-oriented, innovation as the soul." It can also be reversed, "innovation as the soul, people-oriented." The so-called people-oriented, that is, our goal is to set up factories for the people, your production of down jackets, is needed by the masses, but mainly to the domestic masses to buy. Innovation is the soul. Even middle and low-end products need innovation. Only innovation can lead the industry in more enterprises and fierce competition. Innovation too! Rely on workers, rely on cadres, but the most important must rely on scientific and technical personnel. Why do I call the eight R & D personnel, it is because they are thinking every day, that is, in the study of the world and the development trend of the national down jacket, to create new products, and then you to create. I think you still have two sentences I remember, that is, "excellence, only in perfection." I am probably this man okay! Mainly because you think deeply, "excellence" too! Is industrially skilled, whether it is engaged in the design, or engage in manufacturing, or engage in management, we must strive for excellence, and these four words is endless. The phrase "cease to be good" is suitable for people, as well as between countries, intersecting with people and ending with perfection. But I understand your meaning of the sentence may be more profound, that is, morality, that is, corporate ethics. Because the most important corporate ethics is integrity, and integrity of the fundamental, people are to be kind, kind, only good, only love, only love can put their own job, which is the corporate culture! I do not know what I understand right? An enterprise should do well in three aspects. One is management, the other is technology. The third is ethics. The three aspects are well done. The enterprise will be invincible in the competition and will not go down the ramp. It will always take Hong Chong Road. If you say that wish, for the future, your business, unlimited light!