T100 officially released 2010 spring and summer fashion children's clothing - "style of the brand can go far"

2010, what to do children's clothing can be successful? Chinese children's clothing hot, how to succeed Nuggets? August 22, spring and summer 2010 fashion conference and ordering fair, the top ten influential children's clothing brand, China's first fashion children's clothing - T100 officially announced the answer: the style of the brand can go a long way. Although only a fashion show for franchisees, although all models to be unveiled next spring and summer, but witnessed by franchisees from across the country, T100 parent-child children's clothing is still grand show "China Design" style. It is understood that relying on the original design and unique style based on the Chinese children's clothing market T100, for the spring and summer next spring market launched as many as 16 series and hundreds of styles, covering cute, cool, college, leisure and other styles, And its first parent-child style will also continue to strengthen. "T100 will be high-end, stylish and warm features persist in the end," Guangzhou City to create hundreds of children's products general manager and design director Dong Wenmei said that although everyone optimistic about China's children's wear industry, but now the children's wear market is more like a Red Sea, any Enterprises, regardless of the high-end or low-end positioning, only their own distinct style, with a real difference can stand out. Some experts pointed out that currently China's children's clothing market has a unique style of small businesses, so although many companies have been operating for more than 10 years, they still can not get rid of the bottleneck of regional brands and become the leaders in the domestic market. 500 million yuan is still China Children's wear business ceiling. It is understood that, with its differentiated style of T100 parent-child children's clothing, will speed up the layout of marketing in the next 3 years, full force in the Chinese market. "We want to be a breakthrough in China's children's clothing circle," said Dong Wenmei. (Off the dream)