HUEDY Women's charm autumn series

This season, mix and match the wind blowing in the face. Pretty dynamic combination of simple and neat dresses with the contours of the outline, suggesting that the retro style of fashion in 09 autumn and winter continue to be popular. The "HUEDY" brand evolved from "fox" to "human" started the new round of this autumn with the aesthetic mission of "creating fashion, occupation and individuality belonging to white-collar workers" based on the pursuit of beauty and dedication myth. Mustard yellow autumn is an important color element, the combination of yellow and gray is the essence of autumn, contains a subtle sense of vintage, so that the initial fall of 2009 reveals its poetic, elegant and unique charm. One of the most popular trends in the Glamor Fall series is the bizarre illustrator motif that uses quirky or even poor daily images to create a naughty retro look. Fabric, through the organic cotton, printing and dyeing gradient embellishment to highlight its bold design, enhancing the soft feel of clothing and lines fluency. Clothing details, the use of folds, belts, pendants and embroidery, nostalgic washing process of decorative retro message transmission, the overall visual impact gives the immediate feeling.