Dior women's men's boutique opened in Dalian

Dior Dalian Ladies Boutique The world's top fashion brand Dior Dalian Ladies boutique and Dior menswear store were opened in the near future, the popular Chinese actor Zhang Yuqi, Christine Dior China president Li Dakang, general manager of Times Square in Dalian Lin Tianrong Mr. Dior visit Dior Times Square boutique, made a special trip for the opening ribbon. Well-known fashion model for the guests will be displayed Dior 2009 early spring new. Dior women's boutique is located in Times Square, Dalian. New store is divided into two layers, the first floor and second floor area are 123 square meters, with a total area of ​​246 square meters. The store's exterior design uses the Dior company introduced the world's Dior classic rattan pattern, simple elegance without losing the intimacy. The store's design inherited the world-renowned architect Peter Marino Dior Paris Avenue Avenue headquarters of the latest style, this is the Dior Asia Pacific region following the opening of Shenyang Dior women's store after another Paris headquarters using the new style of women's clothing store. Dior Times Square, Dalian boutique women's clothing inherits Dior favorite gray, Louis XVI-style circular chairs and other classic elements, relaxed and comfortable bar-style shopping district and some new fashion design. Every detail, every color, fabric and even furniture are carefully selected to create the most authentic aspect of Dior's world. This blend of luxury, elegance and joy of space appropriately reflects the young Dior created by John Galliano young temperament. Boutique leather goods area open and spacious, the latest bar-style shopping district design which exposure to the guests refreshing, full of relaxed and stylish feeling; a substantial luxury shoe footwear area foil your favorite Dior latest shoes, to bring you an unprecedented Shopping; more private clothing area to bring you the latest French fashion Dior and women. Dior Dalian Women's store provides luxurious and attractive shopping fun, so that customers can enjoy the fashion Dior brought you to fully experience the charm of Dior. In addition to the Dior quarter of the new clothing line, the store also has beautifully designed Dior fine jewelry and watch series area, stylish and bold design to create a unique ultimate luxury atmosphere. Elegant and translucent glass cabinets showcase all kinds of luxury and beauty, design exquisite, colorful and attractive jewelry and watches. Dior men's fashion store in Dalian Times Square and Dior Ladies Times Square store located on the first floor of Times Square. Is a completely open and transparent space decorated with bright, spacious, looming black, white metal and mirror-based, the shop was specially designed by Dior's Paris design team to achieve a perfectly balanced connection between the mirrors. The black lacquered display at the bottom and the stainless steel frame suspended from the ceiling ... all to create the most appealing look, bright, transparent, space and depth. Even the sound and light, are different, unique. The store offers you the latest Dior men's apparel in line with the world, including men's suits, casual wear, leather goods, shoes and accessories. Outside the store you can see their true content.