007 again came to focus on the 007 villain to wear clothing to learn not to learn style character

Introduced so many 007 chief men's fashion wear, Xiaobian will have to go in the opposite direction, comment on the villain dress with. Because in addition to the protagonist Daniel Craig's shape directed at the people, gas field full. Other supporting role models are also different styles, remarkable. Let's take a look! The villain LOOK1 single-breasted coat as the film's biggest villain, the real ghost party leader Obo House to wear a dark single-breasted coat + black super-shape, the performance of its deep, dark heart, remember that the collar must be erected Increase the mystery. According to the text for your selection of the villain LOOK2 collar suits Did not expect Mr Obama House in the drama with a fairly Chinese style collar suits appear, so that he less a lot of dark feeling, more like a gentle elderly. According to the text for your selection

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