FolliFollie tide brand launch ceremony in China perfect come to an end

October 21, 2016, strange fruit attack · tide China - FolliFollie tide brand launch ceremony in China and 2016 spring and summer new conference perfect ending. Together with the dream of partners, with the Folli Follie tide China! Distributors from all over the country, together with the first place in China's garment industry reputation - Humen, to enjoy this fashion tide brand children's clothing feast, this Orders will be "strange fruit struck China tide" as the theme, leading the 2016 spring and summer children's fashion trends. Through the wonderful tide brand trends released in 2016 spring and summer T show, static order model and other creative way of originality, and dealers from across the country have shared a feast of visual and thought shock, join hands in creating brilliant Tomorrow Innovative · One-stop home ecological cross-border complex 2016 spring and summer new orders, with a more diversified and influential fashion attitude, start a new round of brand strategy offensive. One tide brand development trend interpretation, Folli Follie tide brand spring and summer 2016 product interpretation and store format combination mode to explain, clearer and more intuitive to understand that on the shop format and pregnant and child baby one-stop home ecological cross-border complex How to build it Launch ceremony on the 21st night scene, it is released a wonderful catwalk. Simple and atmospheric catwalk, colorful clothing colors, simple and gorgeous strong collision ... Folli Follie represents this is pure, flamboyant luxury fashion - this is Folli Follie brings the most intuitive Fashion tide brand attitude. The introduction of new products + professional marketing training courses model, not only from the franchisees to understand the 2016 autumn and spring fashion trends and the latest products, post-marketing promotion strategies, but also provides a terminal store sales performance improvement of practical courses. Invited apparel industry veteran consultants from the analysis of children's fashion trends, to explore how to improve the rate into the store, rate of concern, the single-rate, display design and other effective ways to carry out a professional system of family training. Not only sales of children's expertise for the family members to increase sales to open up ideas, interesting and vivid to explain the show also make laughter. Successfully signed the same day more than 50 dealers. Folli Follie2016 tide brand started in China successfully ended. The market is changing, Folli Follie is also changing, whether it is business model innovation, product innovation, or the image of the brand terminal upgrade, Folli Follie are constantly beyond themselves, showing the strength of the brand. I believe, with the joint efforts of all my colleagues Folli Follie, Folli Follie will be the peak of higher and further brands.

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