Autumn and winter elegant woman navy blue

Beautiful woman always let people can not help but look more than two eyes, but also forgot to read, elegant woman does not forget, this autumn and winter want to show their good temperament, then you indispensable Navy blue.


Navy blue charm is not red, but there is no black charming, navy is actually a kind of not a bright but there can not be ignored, so many people are suitable for color, but you want to be good temperament or depend on the choice . In recent years, fashion we all know, but such a navy jacket and high waist pants have their own unusual charm, simple to wear more to better show your taste and content, such a package at a glance love On it

优雅女人 秋冬少不了藏青色

Winter down jacket is also to change the color, so a navy blue jacket is also able to wear out your charm Oh, A version shows you a sense of style, but the fur into the collar but let you mature, a bit mature Charm of the little woman, I believe how people forget.

Photo credit: Foca Women

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