2015 winter popular solid color coat solid color coat how to match

If you want in this dull winter, easily stand out in the vast crowd, Xiao Bian instead suggest that you choose a solid coat with. Winter, the color is relatively simple. If you choose more dazzling color coat, but the visual impact of such a solid color is not a joke! Now, let's take a look at the solid color coat with it.


In Jimmy Seitz winter 2015 new series, we can see this one red wine jacket. Great lapel, self-cultivation design, coupled with generous clothing, the overall feeling is quite ok. Burgundy jacket, take the white shirt + skirt to do backing, or very popular Oh.

2015初冬流行纯色外套吗 纯色外套怎么搭配

In solid color, we have to mention is the black jacket. Although black is a classic, but there is a good one to take a single product, it can be a good highlight of the proper fashion. Black + red, it seems very good. In the choice of pants can choose Leggings trousers can also choose more with their own preferences can pick.

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