Suitable for children to wear dark blue cherry chocolate navy single product recommended

Clothes for children to wear, it seems that are more intense warm colors, so surely there will be a lot of treasure that the young and certainly not suitable for wearing this dark blue deep color. But Xiaobian do not think so, dark blue or navy is now considered a popular color, the upper body after not only do not feel does not meet the age, but also somewhat more retro feeling, without saying, let Xiaobian combined with pictures to eliminate Po parents who are dark blue prejudice it. A floral shirt + burgundy sweater, to create an elegant little gentleman, this time treasure mom who intend to wear a child what kind of jacket it? Xiao Bian feel no better than the Navy material jacket is more suitable, the short paragraph of the design more practical wear, in color and floral shirt echoed the effect of large lapel design, increase the sense of fashion. Coupled with a small hat, a small retro prince of England was born. Little girl dress, nature will not lack the dresses to increase the sweet temperament, but pink and white are everywhere, look more always felt a little visual aesthetic fatigue, a deep blue ethnic pleated skirt Coupled with the navy blue sweater jacket, like a touch of spring, purifying the eye, looks very fresh, and now you still think children are not suitable to wear dark blue? Picture credit: Cherry chocolate

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