Men how to wear it is not easy to be labeled otaku men have recommended personality men

Otaku, they always think they are anime fans, do not pay attention to the appearance of a bit shabby existence. Maybe Otaku is not the case, but the impression is more difficult to set aside. If you do not want to be labeled such labels, Xiaobian feel at least in the dressing to make a little change. Black shirt is actually more pick to wear, so men do not try. If you like dark shirts, then try such a dark blue shirt, white lines outline, full of geometric sense, it seems that the whole clothes are more distinctive, will undermine the oppression brought by dark, looks very good. As for the jacket, Xiaobian recommended not to wrap a million years of cotton clothes, if you want fashion a little bit, then try a leather, leather without too much sense of design, simple is true, because the leather texture will foil Men are more mature and stable tough men's charm. So in summary, not necessarily have to take more than to pick up, but at least one or two single product more personality, can get along with the fashion point, if the clothing is not good men, while step up cultivation, we must also be careful not to try That kind of match is the kind of clothing, choose a safe and secure wear certainly not go wrong. Photo Source: Personality


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