Congratulations, Mr. Xu, the perfect combination, signed the bill in October to create the October boom

October this fall, let's forget the holiday of eleven holiday, but one person is signing the craze, that is the perfect combination of extension manager Xu, signed for two consecutive days to become the leader in October, once again, should thank the two Customer support for the perfect combination and trust. Zhengzhou, Henan Province, respectively, the new Mart stores and Huizhou Boluo shop two stores will be in the fiery decoration, will be the fastest speed to meet with you, I believe will not allow the girls in the region to wait too long.


恭喜完美组合许经理十月连签单 开创十月热潮

Huizhou Boluo store Miss Zhu and his family

N.Perfectcombination guided by the world's leading fashion culture and design philosophy, each season's series of new products inspired by Young and Naomi Miller collecting the wind around the world, they will be inspired by the acquisition and the girlfriends get along with the feelings of the past to create a Bestie culture of clothing.

恭喜完美组合许经理十月连签单 开创十月热潮

Zhengzhou, Henan New Mart store Miss Gao and his family

Zhengzhou, Henan Province, New Mart stores and Huizhou Boluo shop two owners at the signing of the brilliant smile was recorded by us, this is the beginning of the business, I believe the future will be the most brilliant smile to meet each customer, Zhengzhou, Henan Xinma Special stores and Huizhou Boluo shop opened two stores dedicated waiting for you.

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