What are the characteristics of emerald color?

Because of its unique green and unique charm, as well as magical legends, it has been favored by Westerners. Recently, it has become more and more popular among Chinese people. What are the emerald colors? What are the characteristics of emerald color?

The color of emerald is very attractive. Some people describe it with spinach green, green onion, and green bud green, but they can't accurately express its color. It has a yellowish green color, and it seems to have a little blue. Even the spectrum seems to be missing the dot wavelength. Indeed, no natural color makes the eyes so comfortable. Whenever you look at the verdant lawns and leaves, the pleasing sensation is imaginable, but it is inferior to the emerald color. It is one of the gemstones that can never be seen. Whether it's cloudy or sunny, whether it's an artificial light source or a natural light source, it always glows softly and radiantly. This is the king of green gems - the charm of emeralds.

Emerald is a gem-quality green beryl. The green color should reach medium to reach a rich green tone, that is, the concentration of the color should be relatively saturated. Light green is often referred to as green beryl.

The beryl is produced by nature and its main component is Be3Al2[Si6O18], which has a hexagonal symmetrical aluminosilicate mineral. Emerald is formed due to the proper amount of Cr2O3 (0.15~0.6%). It is the most outstanding member of the beryl family. The material is a high-grade gem.

Its color source is: traces of chromium oxide make it appear crystal clear green.

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