ochirly Eurovision 2013 winter woolen coat pictures

Elegant, is a spirit, every woman's yearning. ochirly2013 winter series to create a unique and elegant style, simple cut design, bright colors, low-key is not publicity, but it has a stop-gap force. Let's take a look.

欧时力 - ochirly

This year's hot turquoise eye-catching and stylish, ochirly2013 winter series in the skirt application of thick and crisp fabrics, between the tip and the waist line is the use of wave pattern cut decoration, double the female flavor!


Cold invasion, winter destined to bleak was confident and elegant color. ochirly2013 winter jacket, high purity orange intertwined, such as warm sun blazing, dull winter sun suddenly shines, feel warm!


Cool combination of snow blue and cheese yellow, people unlimited reverie the sweet temptation of ice cream. ochirly2013 winter series will be fresh ice cream ribbon to the winter, as if snow and ice onto the apparel, for the wearer brings elegant and refined feeling!

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