What is 18k gold?

Today, Xiaobian introduces to friends what is the meaning of 18k gold. In 18K white gold, 18K gold, 18K color gold, etc. What is the difference between them?

18k yellow gold

In fact, 18K gold, 18K white gold, 18K color gold are all 18K gold. K gold refers to the alloy of gold and other metals mixed together, because its English is KaratGold, so it is referred to as K gold. Karat is a measure of K gold, which is divided into 24 pieces of pure gold. Each opening (English carat, German karat abbreviation, often written "k") gold content is 4.166%, 18k = 18 * 4.166% = 74.998%, 14K = 14 * 4.166% = 58.5%. Therefore, 18k gold refers to 75% of the composition of gold and 25% of other metal jewelry or gold products. Due to the different ratio of different metal components, the color of the K gold jewelry in the gold series changes, which can be purple, red, Different colors such as pink, orange, green, blue, brown and black.

The 18K color market is the most white, yellow and purple. The white 18K is usually called 18K white gold or white 18K gold. It is not platinum. Platinum is the common name of platinum. Purple is usually 18K rose gold. 18K color gold is white. The colors can all be called colorful gold.

18K gold jewelry is generally printed with 18K or AU750, G750 and other stamps. Pay attention to the purchase of K gold jewelry.

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