Exquisite and warm children's down jacket to the child's most warm care

The footsteps of winter With the increase of rain, getting closer! Mom and Dad have not bought a few pieces of thick winter clothes for the baby? Mention warm, down jacket is naturally the theme of forever, light and warm. Parents are not a little confused, and now most of the world's down jacket to adults, designed specifically for children's down jacket seems rare! So, reliable quality performance assurance children's wear down jacket where to buy it? Rainbow cat blue rabbit to give you the best answer! Take a look at Rainbow cat blue rabbit children's wear launched this year, down jacket series, absolutely let the children put it down! (Source: Rainbow cat blue rabbit children's clothing 2013 autumn and winter new product) Lilac wave point down jacket, shallow colors to bring out the excellent children's delicate skin color. Take the same color turtleneck within, not only warm, but also enough atmosphere. It uses 8 high-quality white duck down to fill, has a fluffy soft texture, but also has other materials beyond the reach of the super-insulation, fashion girl must-have models! (Source: Rainbow cat blue rabbit children's clothing 2013 autumn and winter new products) For young boys, red may be more vivid colors. But who can deny that wearing a little boy it will be more fashionable? Smooth red jacket, with a large fur collar collar, more warm. Black and red collocation has increased extravagance and fashion range children. How, is not very exciting! Rainbow cat blue rabbit autumn and winter series has been simultaneously listed in various stores across the country oh! Mom and Dad quickly took the children to pick several bars!

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