Fur collar coat new wear the latest fur collar sweater

In the fall and winter seasons, sweaters are a must-have item for warm-up, as one of the girls favorite costumes, designers add more and more popular elements to make clothes that girls like more. The latest sweater market, the moment the most avant-garde fur collar and sweater the perfect combination of fur collar jacket and sweater, better able to capture the hearts of girls, the air fur collar stacked in the collar, set off a beautiful face.

卡蔓 - Carmen

Loose sweater coat is a girl's favorite style, not only can easily cover the fat, a strong sense of style it is not into your heart? Bat sleeve design with the cortex of the pocket and the atmosphere of the fur collar, the brown-gray warm colors with a printed leggings, visually piercing the slim legs, was thin with the law is not difficult.

毛领外套新式穿法 最新款毛领毛衣

The unique shape most attractive to people's attention, this gray-black sweater coat is in the form of a shawl, no troubles of the sleeve, directly enveloped the warm wound around the body. Atmospheric fur collar around the neckline, locked in warm, overcast delicate cheeks. With the same color base shirt and harem pants match, the art of dry and easy to contact with you.

Source: card Man -Carmen Fashion mature ladies

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