ochirly European Time 2013 winter new Baroque style new interpretation

Under the spotlight, ochirly EU force girl modern self-confident, full of charm relaxed elegance instant freeze-frame in front of the taking lens, a winter fashion and evening wear fashion party begins.

欧时力 - ochirly

High saturation of color to break the silence of winter, as oil-like printing and art embroidery continued the Autumn Baroque charm, beading and sequins decoration is elegant in the Tim Tim gorgeous. In this season's clothing design, profiles and lines, with the trend of the apparel materials and seasonal changes and become more rich and varied: hit mosaic stitching fur and elegant umbrella skirt, jacquard tennis skirt with atmospheric stripes fur, silk printing baseball Shirts and profile shorts, the different profiles of a modern mix of single product, gorgeous evening gown, showing the ochirly girls under different occasions modeling ideas, giving more winter charm charm.

ochirly欧时力2013冬装新款 巴洛克风格全新演绎

ochirly欧时力2013冬装新款 巴洛克风格全新演绎

International supermodel Cara Delevingne, Lindsey Wixson and Ava Smith in the lens of the photographer Mario Testino lens, showing only a unique European ochirly force girl relaxed elegance.

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