Half-length skirts with hip skirts unique

Want to have a feminine dress, want to show a good figure to wear package hip dress. Package hip skirt, is to shape the S-curve one of the best single product, which are many fashion crush their warmly loved. So, exactly how to match package hip skirts, in order to wear a good figure? Autumn and winter match is a lot of learning Oh, you want to stand out, come to learn package hip skirt with it.


Sofia - SOFEYA 2013 new

In the autumn sunshine, wearing a warm knitted sweater basking in the warm sun, is to enjoy the good life. Pictured in the picture is a combination of navy blue knit pullover and professional package hip dress, not only to attract the color embellishment on the sweater and stitching color package hip dress, it seems that is spliced ​​with different fabrics, black stockings Show a woman's dignified sexy, lovely small handbag to get on, you can go out.

半身裙搭配 半身包臀短裙的与众不同

Sofia - SOFEYA 2013 new

Are warm colors with the shirt can be worn both inside and outside the sweater, soft fabric and self-cultivation, Lotus tail edge fashion design novelty, small black lapel there are small particles embellishment, simple and not A simple little thought to make the original simple and elegant fashion avant-garde, black skirt package with a combination of casual wear hip elements.

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