Fashion stitching with details so boring

The traditional autumn and winter clothes are dull dark colors to support the cold autumn and winter, beautiful new color appears to rarely appear in the cold season, the dark may be visually brought a warm feeling. Modern autumn and winter clothing combines more popular elements, such as the most popular nowadays splicing colors, different colors will be spliced ​​together, is no longer boring monotonous, let a different color to a romantic encounter.


Classic story - JANE STORY 2013 new

Meet gray and white is a classic combination of the most traditional tints stitched together but sketched out a different brilliance, this coats coat looks like after years of filtered photos, classic and people never forget. Slim cut and neat edges, neck collar with a black collar, even more fashion elegance.

时尚拼接搭配 让细节打破沉闷

Classic story - JANE STORY 2013 new

Soft and comfortable cotton fabric is essential in the fall of a single product, personal comfort makes people feel warm heart, the addition of perspective elements so that the original slightly casual design has a touch of femininity, the belt is more with Obvious waist, the most confident attitude and vitality are the perfect presentation in this stitching.

Hollow Out Fabric

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