Cocoa duck children's clothing: enlightenment wisdom, sway creative

Painting is a window that opens up the child's mind and has an important influence on the establishment of artistic thinking and the development of creative ability. Last night, the second session of Cocoa Duck Cup "Magic • Love" National Children's Creative Drawing Contest was held by well-known children's clothing brand cocoa duck. The ceremony was held at Shenzhen Dameisha Seaview Hotel. According to the organizers, since the launch of the activity on June 17, it has received the enthusiastic participation of nearly 30,000 families and also received the attention and support of caring people from all walks of life. After a month and a half of activity time, it received 4,000 works from nine major national divisions. After a professional review, 150 works were selected from August 5 to August 15 at the cocoa duck official website for online voting, attracting 130,000 QQ users to participate in online voting. Final selection of 50 outstanding works and cocoa duck 2014 spring and summer new conference and ordering the scene, from all over the country to accept the 400 franchisees voted, and finally competed in Grand Prix and second and third prizes. Some of the top 50 authors were invited to the presentation ceremony. Small painters one by one to attend the show, brilliant. They receive honor and applause on the dazzling stage. At the same time, Grand Prix is ​​the huge cash coupon 30,000 yuan in the bag. The first, second and third prizes also won 10,000, 5,000 and 2,000 children's clothing vouchers respectively. Some children's entries, as well as the opportunity to be used by cocoa duck child clothing for spring and summer 2014 new product development. Let cocoa duck children's clothing to become children's own design children's clothing. At the same time, the organizers said that the Magic Love Painting Contest will become an indispensable part of the Coca-Cola duck brand and will continue to be a brand culture of the cocoa duck children's clothing. Continuously, it will bring happiness to more children and add color to their childhood. Cocoa duck children's clothing, with delicate love interpretation of children's fashion, children's magic interpretation of childhood!

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