CRZ "Little Yellow Man" and "Little Blue Boy" exotic jungle tour

At the end of August 2013, the second wave of the autumn and winter tide of CRZ tide brand theme "exotic jungle" was new. This fall, follow the pace of CRZ tide brand, to visit the exotic jungle "Little Yellow Man" and "Little Blue Boy", playing together! Fringed trousers with a western cowboy atmosphere, orange-green hit color stitching fashion, and boots with a very prominent exclusive to the girl's handsome upper body simple with a bright yellow band cap T is very nice. Fringed trousers can also be combined with bright yellow short bat sleeve knit jacket, arc cut appears lower body more slender, orange locker to get rid of the rigid clothing, an increase of a trace of youthful atmosphere. This is the exotic jungle lovely little yellow guy with a little dress. In the design of continuous innovation today, you may feel a little old-fashioned coat, but with a bright yellow and white color trim, "old fashioned" windbreaker has become fashion wild. The black dotted embellishment enriched the details of the windbreaker, with an owl printing white T, a solid color casual pants, this is the most fashionable small yellowish people in different degrees of jungle. The same trench coat, with light pants can be rolled up trousers, revealing colored stockings, and with darker pants, wearing invisible socks exposed slender ankle, or with lighter color socks, are a good choice. Match at will, showing the most varied yellowish people in the jungle. Seen "little yellow man", how can there be less blue partner it. Sky-like light blue white striped coat is wild paragraph. Blue denim pants, a simple wash with rose contour, people never forget. Lake blue strap nine pants, with a shirt highlights the stylish occupation beauty, with casual T-shirts are casual. As long as you are willing to spend time with, there is no style you can not take. People who like CRZ come quickly with their own style now!

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