Jade carving contemporary masterpieces are highly value-preserving

Jade carving contemporary masterpieces are highly value-preserving Although the pace of economic development has slowed down in recent years, the work of jade carving masters is still in short supply, and prices have risen steadily. Jade carving artwork is based on the scarcity of raw materials, based on a thick jade culture, and is based on a wide audience. This has enabled excellent jade carving artwork to sit steadily in the “preservation” highlands.

The scarcity of raw material of Hetian jade is the fundamental of strong preservation of jade carving artwork

In the 1950s and 1960s, a piece of 200 grams of Hetian jade seeds was the price of one or two eggs. However, by 1980, Grade 1 Hetian Yushan was 80 yuan per kilogram and seed material was 100 yuan per kilogram. In 1990, the mountains climbed to 300 to 350 yuan/kg, and the seed material reached 1,500 to 2,000 yuan/kg. By 2005, the price of Grade 1 Hetian white jade seeds reached more than 100,000 yuan, and some even reached millions per kilogram. By 2006, the price of Hetian jade more than quadrupled. In 2010, it was even more exaggerated, with an average annual appreciation of 50% to 70%. A good jade can increase three to four times each year, and it continues to heat up.

Contemporary jade carving master works have many characteristics of investment varieties

Contemporary jade carving master works, as a form of investment in artworks, have the following conditions:

The first is the accumulation of cultural connotations. Since 5,000 years of Chinese civilization, there has been the inheritance of jade culture, and the value of jade art works has been relied on;

The second is the resource value. Whether it is China’s Hetian jade or jadeite jade in Myanmar, these high-grade jade varieties are scarce, non-renewable resources. With the development of resources, their own value may only become higher and higher, and there is no sudden valuelessness. may;

The third is relatively easy to identify. Compared with the identification of antique wenwan and the difficulty of dating, it is relatively easy for contemporary jade works to distinguish between their authenticity and authenticity. Moreover, there are national appraisal agencies that can produce effective certificates and can guarantee investment in authentic products.

Fourth, there is a large value space for artworks. The price of raw materials for high-end Hetian jade grows at a rate of 30% to 50% per year, which is a steady growth. As contemporary jade and jade carving art has just entered the art investment market, it is gradually establishing its value system. The price rises in an orderly manner and belongs to a rational appreciation. With the shortage of raw materials, the expansion of the market, and the recognition of jade carving artists, the contemporary jade carving art boutique The value of growth is extremely high.

To sum up, when investing in artworks, we must, based on our actual situation, read more and listen more, select suitable investment categories, and adopt a rational attitude and rational investment expectations before we can obtain long-term investment returns.

Contemporary jade carving masterpieces have a large investment space

Compared to those artworks that are frequently used in billions of auctions, contemporary jade carving works are more stable investment products in terms of authenticity and value judgment. As the scarcity of high-grade jade resources determines the growth of its value, and with artistic creation giving it more artistic value, the works of masters and famous artists have unique personal temperament and rich humanistic values, so contemporary jade carving art The product has absolute value preservation and great value-added space, and there is no worry that one day it will suddenly lose value.

In 2013, the art market will continue to prosper. The contemporary high-end jade carving art boutique has entered the art market and gradually formed a certain value growth system. Contemporary jade carving art has become a hot investment product in the art market.

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