Pink Nana brand children's clothing powder out your personality girl

PINKNANA pink Nana, a girl full of fashion sense, she will always like new things, for the more beautiful costumes put it down, in Nana's skillful dress, each set of clothes have their own taste, through each With the kinds of accessories, she appeared always snatched away many demeanor. PINK NANA pink Nana with her unique personality to interpret the fashion children's clothing, to create a child's innocent and cute, combined with modern children's innovative, personalized dress brand new, sweet childhood into fashion colors, the design concept of both children's clothing Fashionable, personalized, but also contains the concept of environmental comfort, breaking the traditional children's wear, bringing a stylish fresh breath. Pink Nana brand is directed against girls, girls fitted to the full range of women's brand, like the trend of pink led Nana to seize the female ethnic market, the company separated by the study of the market and found the girl like pink from the original small Popular market to the current emphasis on the uniqueness of the popular, strong color style enough to lead the consumer brand impression.

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