Sissi Wo fashion OL installed office wonderful landscape

Glowing foamy coffee floating in the charming notes, wonderful and comfortable. "Sissi Wo" fashion women "to enjoy the wonderful office hours", the spring and summer of 2013, Sisi Wo women convey hope, the pursuit of fashion, rhythm, lively pace of life, the spirit of Bobo (Bourgeois and Bohemia Style combination) in the end, so that OL fashion in the end. Let's take a look!

茜茜沃 - CC EWOT

Vintage and elegant print against the background of navy blue primer even more elegant and refined, with a gray cardigan, beautiful low profile.

茜茜.沃时尚OL装  办公室里的美妙风景线

Gems blue sleeve shirt shines luxury and confidence, gold collar and lantern hem highlight the delicate and unique, with national wind shorts, handsome and capable.

茜茜.沃时尚OL装  办公室里的美妙风景线

Ethnic style shirt in the summer is an essential hot, personalized waistband strapped to the waist, with mustard yellow shorts energetic.

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