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On the current women's brand recruit agent and shop without exception, the national network. There are two results: some central into a small amount of advertising costs, there is no one dealer; some central input a small amount of advertising, to find some dealers, but to open a home. Therefore, the women's business should take the product diversification, brand differentiation carried out, the general view of the ladies' brand in Jiangnan based on the market steady, rapid development, Jiangnan people's operation is undoubtedly the form of many international fashionable women's brand common ground, but also to make Jiangnan others brand In the women's brand plays an increasingly important factor. "The implementation of the chain strategy, casting brand-name women, so that consumers get the fastest season the most popular element of clothing" is the direction and relentless pursuit of Jiangnan people! Looking to the future, Jiangnan people will be from start to finish, "to build a century enterprises, Tree century brand "for the purpose of proactive,

Joined Jiangnan now women can be free to join the initial fee / free deposit / free shop image decoration.


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Imitation Wax Fabric tends to have a more intense, deeper color than a real wax print and only be printed on one side of the fabric.

Imitation wax fabric is more uniform in appearance and the printed patterns tend to be more precise.

Using 100% cotton material.

Waxed printed technology, better permeability, color and design of two side is identical.

Wax printed patterns: geometric patterns, character design and other customer pattern.

Imitation Wax printing Fabric

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