Independent department store brand CAVA to create one-stop shopping fashion life Museum

Independent department store brand CAVA, set innovation and integration as the soul of the CAVA brand, customer-oriented to create a one-stop shopping model, adhere to the popular price to meet customer demand for fashion products, the average store area of ​​1000-3000 square feet Meters above, owns the women's, men 's children's clothing, accessories, underwear and bedding and other products.

自主百货品牌CAVA  打造一站式购物时尚生活馆

CAVA brand-oriented customer-oriented to the general principle of luxury, with the international fashion brand buyers mode, to create synchronized with the world fashion apparel, household supplies as one of the one-stop shopping fashion life Museum. CAVA style positioning as "Fashion Business · High Street"; psychological age below 35 years of age, full of creativity and spiritual pursuit, classic fashion, elegant and romantic, as CAVA brand consumer groups.

"We sell not only products, but a whole new way of life." The CAVA people will do everything they can to create a healthy and happy life for our people.

Into the CAVA shop, you can quickly search for the most fashionable fashion trends, feel relaxed and comfortable fashion shopping environment, you will enjoy the enthusiasm of the professional image consultant shop, you will have your share of self-confidence.

自主百货品牌CAVA  打造一站式购物时尚生活馆

May we share CAVA sound from the heart of the sounds of nature, share CAVA classic romantic, synchronized with the fashion world!

Mission: to create a healthy and happy life for mankind and diligently!

Vision: to become the world leader in independent department store model; build the world's leading department store brand!

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