Kang Lini underwear discount, surprise welcome "double egg"

Dear! Christmas is here once a year, what a wonderful present for dear her / him in this joyful happy holiday? In order to thank the vast number of consumers has been Kanglui Ni underwear brand support and trust, Kang Lanyi underwear brand in the "Merry Christmas and New Year with joy," Kanglui underwear loyal fans to send holiday greetings, made Welfare! Please click Kang Lueni official website http:// for more preferential information.


Good luck when you send a gift: December 21, 2012 - January 6, 2013 (17 days in total)

In the event of time, Kang Luni brand underwear will send a "lucky Santa Claus" to each underwear to join the shop for consumers to send holiday gifts:

1, the audience buy one get one (some specials, except accessories);

2, one time to buy more than 328 yuan (including 328 yuan) to send exquisite gifts (plush doll) 1, while stocks last;

3, hold the VIP card into the store consumption between 98 yuan -328 yuan (including 98 yuan), will receive a fine gift;

4, during the event, Monday to Friday every night (Christmas, New Year's Day), held in the store for 2-3 hours of limited time snapped up activities, welcome to the Camdeni underwear shop to buy fine lingerie products.

Merry Christmas / New Year's Day, Kang Lui brand underwear for everyone to create a particularly happy and cheerful shopping environment, so that all consumers feel the festive festival! Underwear store entrance of the "Santa Claus" stand tall Christmas tree waving goodbye to you, in the underwear store there are lucky ribbons and colorful neon lights under the decoration, but also a beautiful and lovely Christmas clerk for your warm service! At the same time will allow consumers to appreciate the "beauty is the United States is really beautiful," Kang Lu Ni underwear brand culture.

Kang Lui brand underwear with excellent product quality, stylish beautiful style, value for money affordable price waiting for your visit! Christmas, New Year's Day Meet Kang Lu Ni, health, fashion, personality, make you happy every day!

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