Mysterious identity women's wear workplace fashion professional consultant

The target consumer group of mysterious identity women is mainly psychological age 22-32 years old, economically independent, free, confident, uninhibited, energetic and keen fashion sense of smell of modern women, freelancers, senior white-collar or gold collar, engaged in fashion , Art and self-employed persons, women with ample time and economic resources, a certain social status and independent living circle, and a wide range of influence in their own circle.


Mysterious identity Women passionate, moving, boldly express their favorite identity in the crowd, pay attention to their own state to give the public the feeling more stylish to establish communication.

神秘身份女装 职场穿搭的专业时尚顾问

Rich British fashion style, the pursuit of the perfect personality, pay attention to the quality of the mysterious identity has always been the pursuit of women's clothing. In line with the heart, the principle of integrity management, the mysterious identity brand is bigger and bigger step by step! Looking forward to a better tomorrow!

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