Warmly celebrate Man Luka brand Wanzhou Chongqing Wanjia department store counters will soon open


Warmly celebrate Man Luka brand Wanzhou Wanzhou Chongqing department store counters opening soon! HanTian Clothing Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City based on the Chinese market on the international stage, step by step interpretation of the pursuit of fashion women, so that women from all over the country can enjoy the beauty of women 's delicacy card, Han costumes is willing to cooperate sincerely with you, Create a better future, share the beautiful wealth!


Dongguan Han-day Garments Co., Ltd. is a collection of product development design, production and sales as one of professional apparel companies, the company franchise Europe and South Korea fashion women's clothing, including the trend of women's wear, accessories and bags. The company has excellent team of designers at home and abroad, advanced production equipment and professional marketing team, the pursuit of product variety, a single variety of refined at the same time, companies use a variety of modes of operation, including provincial and municipal agencies, single-store Join, shopping malls counters.


There are two brands of "MARLOCA" and "QIANHUIZI" in Dongguan HanTian apparel. The brand of "ManluCard" advocates a new life of freedom, aestheticism, health and refinement, positioning the terminal market The new women in their 20s and 40s embody the beautiful connotation of fashion and beauty with the times and advocate modern women's pursuit of a romantic, independent and positive healthy lifestyle. "Chih-hui purple" brand advocating youth, trend, my youth, I call the shots, the terminal market orientation in the 16-22-year-old non-mainstream girls, so that the young generation of personality beauty to play most vividly, so that their youth vibrant!

Changxing Baihong nonwoven fabric Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Taihu coast, Hongxing Bridge Industrial Park, Changxing County, Zhejiang. Over twenty years experience of production and industrial chain advantages of Adhesive Interlining, the company has made a high starting point at the beginning of the both woven and non-woven fabric line.

The company has achieved the annual production capacity of two thousand tons of multi-purpose hot-rolled non-woven fabrics each year and product gram weight range from  16 gsm to80 gsm.

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