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RED SONG brand collection Children's clothing originated in the fashion capital of Italy, now has 157 RED SONG brand stores. In August 2005, Leddy was still stationed in China and founded Ningbo Ladys Fashion Co., Ltd., becoming one of the most potential subsidiaries of Chimelong Group. Ningbo Ledi is still registered capital of 1,500,000 US dollars, the company production and management of "Redishang" (RED SONG) brand series mainly children's clothing, product line involving four series of thousands of styles, best-selling mainland China. After more than three years of development, the company currently has a product design center, production center, marketing planning center, logistics and distribution center, financial center and information management center and other departments to form a modern enterprise management cluster; various production plans, with the A single business, marketing planning, logistics and distribution staff to accompany delivery of hundreds of people, forming a chain covering the entire textile and garment industry scale operation, showing a strong business development trend. Lai Di Shang brand series of children's wear design style unique, its own style. Uphold the fashion capital of Italy's design, the theme of Italian culture as a background, a large number of absorption of Italian music, dance, painting and other artistic elements, full of creativity and continuous innovation, has formed a highly classical and stylish, full of sexy children's clothing brand Style, loved by the vast number of consumers. Laidishang company on its brand of children's clothing to franchise marketing strategy, set up branches and offices in the provincial market, the development of county-level single-store franchisee. At present, Ladies still children's clothing footprint has spread all over mainland China, from Harbin in the northeast to Kunming in the southwest, from Hangzhou in the east to Urumqi in the west, Ladys has branches and offices have been established, dealers in cities and counties have mushroomed Like to join. Leddy still firmly grasp the domestic market at the same time, take the initiative to attack the foreign markets. Up to now, Laiddishang Company has established good sales and marketing relationship with many Southeast Asian countries and Russia and other Eastern European countries. Laiddis is still a famous brand in China. We are convinced that dealers and Ladyside distributors all over the world join forces to jointly create success and wealth, and we are sure to create a brilliant tomorrow for Ladys.

Guangzhou Yanzi Textile Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company integrating design, development and production. Having certain influence and appeal in the domestic market, we have cooperated with more than 1,000 well-known brand clothing companies so far. Moreover, our products are sold well in more than 30 countries and regions including Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and America. Our company owns self-support import and export rights and has a domestic professional design team. We mainly produce diversified products such as embroidery fabrics, lace fabrics, jacquard fabrics and knitted fabrics, etc.
Yanzi Textile has a team that is hardworking, passionate and innovative. We are full of vigor and ideal in our work. Good services to our clients is the core goal of our daily work.

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