Haicang House: Is the positioning of the "men's wardrobe" reasonable?

Since the brand information “released” by the Hailan House Advertising Center is due to the presence of discrepancies and confusion, there is a possibility that people may be “filtered out” because of “unable to calculate” the Brand Names.

Master Trout said: "There is a defensive mechanism in the human brain for the amount of information available. It can refuse to accept information that cannot be "calculated," and accepts only new information commensurate with its internal status, while everything else is filtered. "If the information released by an ad is filtered out, it means that the brand will not or hardly enter the arousal set of important consumer decisions."

Since the brand information “released” by the Hailan House Advertising Center is due to the presence of discrepancies and confusion, there is a possibility that people may be “filtered out” because of “unable to calculate” the Brand Names.

People do not exist in isolation, and people are people in society. It means that people learn and develop the habit of how to accept society and how they are accepted by society after they have interacted with society through long-term social interaction. They learned and cultivated their own understanding and attitude towards social things, and thus formed Concept.

For this reason, in general, people are pursuing something that is consistent with and tacit in their own ideas of ownership and construction, rather than alternatives. Nobody regards alternatives as friends, otherwise there is no brand recognition and social identity.

It is also due to the above factors that people do not agree with their own ideas, do not tacitly agree, and give people a somewhat discrete and somewhat disorderly perception of the brand's performance. People can hardly recognize and find it difficult to recognize because such brand performance blocks or beats. Disorganized people's psychological connection. Regardless of whether it is a brand or a social thing, the core foundation for people's cognition and recognition is first of all a psychological connection.

Regardless of the attractiveness, cohesiveness, brand recognition, and recognition of the brand, the foundation behind the brand is cultural identity, and even a deeper social identity component. Because cultural identity and social identity will have a great influence on the feelings of the left and right people, for the brand, the presence or absence of emotion will determine the person’s brand perception and brand experience.

From the above point of view, a brand that causes discrepancies and confusion can not produce brand attraction and brand cohesion. Therefore, such a brand is difficult to produce brand recognition and brand experience for people. Haicang House is such a brand image that gives people a discrete and disordered brand positioning, brand culture, and brand personality.

Discrete and disorderly brand image, the brand naturally loses its appeal, the brand lacks a certain attraction, and the brand naturally does not have cohesion.

Therefore, the existence and giving people the existence and give people the problem of discrete and disordered brand positioning, brand culture, and brand personality. The main reason for this is that Haicang’s home exists in brand positioning, brand culture, brand personality shaping and processing. There is no convergence between conformity and degree of specification.

Question one, Hailan home "men's wardrobe." A seemingly product positioning, market positioning is relatively clear, but because of its advertising expression of vibrant, lively, trendy and other brand personality and brand culture, as well as spokesperson for a niche-like image and other reasons, Haicang House is clearly only reflected And reflects a full naughty boy, big boy image.

Because the vigor, liveliness, and new wave can only be reflected, reflected and symbolized the image of an underdeveloped big boy or big boy.

Isn't it mature or not to measure the boundaries between big boys and boys and men? When a man is happy, he is slightly weighted and free and easy, he will not jump and jump again, and he will not use his dance to express his state of mind. Although a man will look full of spring breeze, he will not smile. No matter how you jump or laugh, you can't describe the image of a man. Instead, it is suitable for portraying a woman's image.

It is true that the House of Hailan, a "men's wardrobe" because of the above reasons really more or less faintly reveal the breath of a woman.

Even if Haijun House intends to shape the brand image of big boys and big boys, its advertising performance also differs greatly from big boys and big boys because big boys and big boys are more likely to behave. Sex, slapstick, or mischievous, rather than jumping and laughing. Therefore, the advertising performance of Hailan House is far from enough to shape and reflect the "man" style and "man" brand image.

Second question, brand image problem. In order to reflect and reflect the vibrant, lively, and trendy, the advertisment of the Haicang House uses a swan-like dance as an expression. However, because most people are unfamiliar with tap dancing, do not understand tap dancing, and are familiar with swan dance, people then associate this expression with the swan dance.

Although the swan dance is valuable for the world's cultural and artistic treasures, it is worth appreciating. However, when the swan dance is dominated by women and the woman is the main leg, the swan dance has artistic value, appreciation value and brand significance.

When people misunderstood the swan dance as the House of the Sea Dragon, the problem came out. Men danced swan dances, especially when they grafted swan dances on advertisements for men's products. Their advertising performance did not have any sense of dance. It was because of the lack of a sense of dance and beauty.

If you use dance to advertise and incorporate dance into your brand culture, you must perform professionally. You must give people a sense of dance. Otherwise, it is easy to draw a tiger as a dog, and it is not conducive to building a brand image. Therefore, it is difficult for people to produce it. Brand awareness and brand social identity.

Therefore, whether tap dancing or swan dance is used to shape a man's brand or to promote a man's product, it makes people feel confused and unsure in recognition and recognition, not to mention dancing in a suit. Some are neither fish nor fowl, some are dross art. From this point of view, this is a typical east-west patchwork, which is seriously divorced from the fact that it is too creative. Therefore, it is said that the advertising of Hailan Home does not benefit its brand value.

Question No. 3, Haishu Home Market Positioning is “Men's Wardrobe”. The brand culture reflects the vibrant, lively, trendy, slightly naughty image of big boys and big boys, and their products are rarely represented by their advertisements. Vibrant, lively and trendy feelings, and more focus on mature men. This has led to the problem of the self-contradictory between the positioning of Haishu House, product positioning, brand personality, and brand culture, and the discreteness and disorder of Wang Haijiao.

Question 4, a brand with strong appeal, cohesiveness, and long-term stability, must have a high-strength brand core value, and Haicang home does not stand in the perspective of consumers to reflect the core value of its brand, almost There is no value claim.

If the brand lacks core values, it is like a family with no shortage of items. Furniture and household appliances are all available. Although there is nothing missing, it is something that is depreciating. There is no one that can preserve or increase value. If a brand that has invested a great deal of money, time, and painstaking efforts lacks core values, it will inevitably influence and restrict the accumulation of brand value, so brand equity will also be greatly reduced.

A valuable brand must be a brand with strong attraction and cohesiveness. The basic condition of a brand with certain attraction and cohesion is to be able to connect with people's mind; a brand with psychological connection ability should be associated with people. The social psychology is consistent and tacit, otherwise it is difficult for people to have a sense of brand awareness and identity.

The "men's wardrobe" is a good market entry point for the Home of the Sea, but due to the above problems, the market effect of "man's wardrobe" is greatly offset or made a big discount.

By relying on scheming, it is difficult for creative, creative advertising, often inadvertently on the one hand, easy to break away from the brand positioning, on the one hand, it is easy to break away from breaking the brand culture, the brand building astray.

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