Selling wigs to sell an industry

Hubei Daily News reporter Zhou Fang

Opening up the African market, a group of Hubei enterprises have taken a day.

Batch wigs , selling cars, dry engineering, doing hotels... During the period, the reporter interviewed a group of Hubei enterprises rooted in the African market.

Selling wigs to sell an industry

Yu Hao, the boss from Xinzhou, has been working in Côte d'Ivoire for 10 years.

On the 25th local time, he took a reporter to visit the Abidjan market. A number of shops in the market are selling the wigs he offers. Many African girls are using Yu Hao's wigs to splicing into a stylish, slender little cockroach.

"African girls have short hair , but they are particularly beautiful." Yu Hao said that after an accidental opportunity, he learned of the wig wholesale after he learned the information. When he says it is done, he processes wigs in China, and the goods go to Africa by sea. The annual sales amount is tens of millions of yuan.

"Business is good, the wig sold in a day is close to 5,000 yuan." The wig shop owner Mamadou said happily that this income is quite good in Abidjan.

Yu Hao said that he has registered the “master-piece” brand, which is well known among Africans.

Suizhou special vehicles are popular in Africa

Seven years ago, special vehicles produced in Suizhou entered Ghana.

Xie Feng, executive vice president of Hubei Aerospace Ssangyong Special Vehicle Co., Ltd., said that the company's exports to Ghana are mainly tank trucks, sprinklers, dump trucks and so on. Since 2006, 500 units have been sold. Last year, it signed a contract with Ghana for 320 special vehicles with a contract value of 18 million US dollars. “Prepare to cooperate with Dongfeng Company to build 4S shop in Ghana.” Xie Feng said that he is optimistic about the African market and the market demand continues to be strong.

The construction prospects are broad

Hubei Telecom Engineering Co., Ltd. has taken steps to build telecom projects in Africa.

Zhang Yunxiang, the company's deputy general manager, said that they have undertaken business in several countries including Equatorial Guinea and Nigeria. The annual overseas business volume is 120 million yuan, including optical cable, communication equipment construction, and building intelligent systems.

Looking at the broad prospects of engineering construction, Huanggang Huayao Zhongyuan Kiln Company has focused on the African market as a key development area, accounting for 20% of the company's non-business volume.

At the exhibition, the Three Gorges Quantong Coating Co., Ltd. brought a variety of product displays. "The company sold 18 billion yuan last year, and the Middle East and North America accounted for 15%. Due to the European debt crisis, this part of overseas business has shrunk, and Africa will be an emerging market we are striving to develop," said Huang Shikun, vice president of the company.

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