Han Lyle teach you to do a good job brand underwear store products display

When the customer into the underwear shop, to TA with a warm, orderly feeling, so that as many products as possible to the best products into the eye, and then generate the purchase impulse to reach sales or as much sales, storefront products Display is very important. Category management, respectively, the basic showroom lingerie store display form, the display of this form can be convenient for customers to choose clothing, clothing, Han Lier underwear that you need to pay attention to several points:

one. The same number of models should not display too much

Underwear to join the exhibition area is limited, the number of each underwear display should not be too much. If the same paragraph too much, underwear varieties bound to be limited. Special attention is that customers are buying underwear are such a mind: the same underwear, she will pick some new appreciation. Appreciate the purchase of the number and frequency of more, it will lead to defaced. Underwear stains will affect the customer appreciation and purchase of emotions. In general, ladies underwear franchise stores, clothing hooks placed on a single product underwear should be two or three pieces is appropriate. If you want to place as much as possible in a small area underwear style, the hook can be placed on two pieces for the customer selection, the customer if you have the purchase intention, can be retrieved from the inventory of new underwear sold to customers.


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two. Do a good job in underwear display

Due to the large number of customers in underwear stores, some customers seldom return to their original position. If there is misplaced underwear situation, shopping guide to promptly put the wrong place underwear, so customers can not find the underwear. For lingerie goods display messy phenomenon, under normal circumstances, underwear store shopping guide should be "four ground" it, that Mouth, eyes, hands, feet, and do "three fast", that is, the new underwear On the shelf, fast sales replenishment, messy finishing fast.

three. Display often change forever

A vibrant, vibrant underwear shop, the feeling to the customer every day is new. The purchase of new underwear is an important means to maintain the freshness of underwear shop, for large underwear stores, new stores every day is easy to do, but for small underwear franchisees, to do this very difficult. Under such circumstances, how to make the lingerie shop fresh? One of the important point is to increase the way the underwear display, often adjust the underwear display layout. Due to limited space underwear franchise stores, underwear display is limited, often changing underwear gives a refreshing feeling, to attract customers often patronize.

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