2012 Shanghai International Model Contest L2 Tour Xi'an Contest ended successfully

Shanghai International Model Contest, which has a long history of 17 years, is now in full swing. With the perfect finish of the first race station in Zhengzhou station, the evening of July 6, 2012, the Shanghai International Model Contest Xi'an Division Finals was solemnly held in the heaven of Wanda Plaza, Jiefang Road Park, Xi'an. Xian has become the focus of global fashion industry. And Zhengzhou Division is different, this Xi'an Division to further enhance the game in all aspects of the grade. Competitions large number of well-organized, unprecedented grand occasion. Contestants achieved a relatively high level of accomplishment in all aspects, including body shape, appearance, temperament, cultural foundation, professional feeling and exhibition ability. Xi'an, as the cradle of the Chinese nation and the birthplace of Chinese civilization, is perhaps one of the reasons for the high quality of its players. Its classical style is completely compatible with the classic concept of this competition. On the night of the event, Ms. Fang Hua, founder of Flint Culture Brokerage Company, a well-known broker, also attended the scene to participate in the training and selection of model rookie. International supermodel Lily cross-border as the competition review, by virtue of their own strength already entered the international mainstream T-Taiwan she also made a unique insightful comments. And the evening Lily dressed in a gray dress with a retro hairstyle elegant debut, immediately caused the audience lively riots, we can see the supermodel of the international supermodel. The exquisite styling of Ji Lili day is even more well-known international fashion designer Wang Yutao personally commented, Wang Yutao praised Lily, Lily said the other is their own inspiration Muse, looking forward to the next two co-operation. Supermodel Ji Lili elegant debut Famous fashion designer Wang Yutao supermodel Lily refined modeling The competition adhering to the fair and equitable principle, through the layers of selection, rigorous screening, the final selection of the representative of the Xi'an Division to enter the Shanghai International Model Contest Finals precious Quota He Tingting won the championship, Li Wenzheng two players even got the acclaim acclaim. The top three winners in Xi'an Division men and women winners and L2 leadership and supermodel Ji Lili Special mention is the title of the contestants L2 men's casual with the brand, simplicity is not simple temperament and passion for fashion and unique recognition Known to be a tacit understanding with this competition, with its pragmatic style, the concept of individual personality, and it breaks through the traditional design limitations, with an avant-garde attitude and profound meaning unprecedented interpretation of the living conditions of modern elite men and charming brand Culture, the entire title of Zhengzhou, Xi'an, Shenyang, Wuhan, four points division, and this journey to find a new Muse named L2 "dreamer" discovery trip. L2 leaders and staff in front of the background photo The Shanghai International Model Contest will be "Muse" as the goal, the best player is not only expected to "Figaro" cover blockbuster filming opportunities, more opportunities to sign an internationally renowned broker Company, set foot directly on the International Fashion Week T station. Designated media for this contest include Weekend Illustrated, Sohu Women, Potato Video, Renren, Star TV, sitv and so on. The competition aims at discovering beauty and displaying beauty. It aims to promote the dialogue and blending between Chinese fashion and top international trends, and reinterpret the standards and definitions of "supermodels" with a long-term and far-sighted attitude. Let us look forward to 2012 Shanghai International Model Contest L2 trip to Shenyang Station.


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