Bear B Qi Kids 5 trick to teach you to solve the problem of clothing inventory

Although the hot summer just passed without much time, just beginning in September, many clothing stores have begun to clean up the stock. Take a look at the clothing discount from the store to the store to know, clean up the stock has been put on the agenda. Now a lot of clothing store promotions, inventory clearance not only in order to return capital, but also to prepare for the autumn. To solve the inventory of apparel, it is usually the most practical method to sell the sale on a large scale, but in addition, there are some better ways to promote it. 1, timely transfer goods In the purchase, we must adhere to a small amount of variety, and to the store's shopping guide set rules, as long as the new style no questions within 3 days, or did not sell within 5 days, they quickly returned to the wholesaler Where to change other colors or styles. The current clothing wholesale market competition is fierce, wholesalers in order to maximize the sale, generally allow the exchange of the same paragraph with other colors or styles. For those who do not allow the exchange of wholesalers, never get goods. 2, clean up inventory as early as August has not yet arrived, and some clothing stores began a seasonal clearance, dumped goods. Would rather lose money, can not be pressed cargo, which is a sales off-season clothing principle. The working capital of the shop is mainly sold monthly money, if the goods are suppressed, up to two months can not sustain it. Dumped goods mainly to protect the rent, survived two or three months, up to the peak season. Therefore, poor profit clothing store, you want to return the funds, to maintain a basic balance of payments, inventory clean-up, we must as soon as possible. When cleaning up with other apparel store owners, etc. together, the apparel will be cheaper / less likely to sell. 3, Shopping guide cleverly recommended stock clothing customers in the selection of products, often appear at the same time pick two models, this time, Purchasing Guide should not encourage customers to buy two, because many customers difficult to choose between the two, the last May not buy. Clever approach is to sell to customers is the stock of that style, when customers go to the counter checkout, then tell the customer, in fact, the other is a very popular, has sold out quickly, then the customer will have a sense of urgency, but also more Maybe another bought it. It is impractical for any garment store to achieve zero inventory, so you can have a good rhythm and do the right sale at the right time, for example, group buying, VIP sale, coupon distribution, time-slot buying, holidays Promotions, etc., are a good way. In general, this method is not too harmful to the operator's reputation, image, nor easy to influence the relationship with suppliers. 4, with the goods for advertising ads certainly can enhance the operator's visibility, if it is advertising stores, many times you can get a certain degree of support for suppliers, and many media can be used to charge the advertising costs of goods, so Doing business activities conducive to the future operation of the operators belongs to using the immediate loss to exchange future benefits. Clothing stores can also clean inventory apparel this way. 5, other tips to clean up stock Now many shopkeepers allow buyers to get goods out of their own sales. Usually shop after work, to encourage Purchasing Guide to take some of their own stock clothing to crowded places, or night market sales. Of course, the price of clothing cheaper, but also to the Purchasing Guide a reserve price can be, sell more, but also to Purchasing Guide a very good way to increase external fast. Bear B Bitch children's clothing brand to join, the agency cooperation in the development of the domestic market, the company this integrity management, hand in hand a win-win situation, the common development of the concept of rapid development of the domestic market, welcome to the cause of the garment industry friends "Bear B Qi" brand career Development, create wealth career!

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