2019 Qingdao International Fashion Week Jimo Children's Wear Session | Yangzi Parent-child Fashion 2020 Release Show

On September 8th, during the 2019 Qingdao International Fashion Week, Jimo Children's Wear, MR DESIGNERYANGZI Jimo Children's Wear SHOW2020 was held in 2019 Qingdao International Fashion Week.

Yang Zi, one of China's top ten designers, said that "companion is mutual, nourishment is mutual, giving is also mutual; in the process of accompanying children to grow up, it is also a process of self-growth as a parent." The design concept, through parent-child clothing The dialogue between the two uses the same style to create a sense of unity; with the same elements, the colors create a mutual response to each other, consistent in color saturation, and have a unified element in the collocation.

Designer Yang Zi said that he hopes that through this parent-child fashion release show, while embodying the brand culture connotation, it also covers the explicit expression of family and love, which enables children to cultivate their recognition of family concepts from an early age, while also cultivating children. Good dress taste and aesthetic awareness. "Adult aesthetics not only affects the child's image of self-image, but also affects the cultivation of children's etiquette." It shows that in the emotional bond of modern society, parent-child relationship has been paid more and more attention.

The MR DESIGNERYANGZI parent-child fashion show brought 50 sets of works this time, paying attention to the interactive nature of fashion, let us accept the fashion aesthetics about nature, harmony, truth, goodness and beauty in the subtle. This is a parent-child product that wants to protect this childlike mood into love and temperature. The concept of love extends the “protective umbrella” to protect the child’s innocence and courage from the inside out, giving children maximum safety. Feeling and happiness!

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