Even the ladies 2012 autumn and winter fashion conference - "Migration" is about to debut

Always adhere to the inheritance of healthy and stylish lifestyle, highlighting the unique taste of consumers temperament, close to international trends, to meet the fashion desire of A / E women, A / E from the beginning of the important mission. Since its establishment in 2002, ten years of growth and precipitation achievements of today's Lianuu A / E, the essence of ten years Shenqin in the 2012 autumn and winter fashion conference - "Migration". REX KING LIN, Founder and Chief Designer, presented his A / E Autumn / Winter 2012 work in this conference about the migrating process of A / E women seeking return to normality and REX KING LIN. thinking.


Looking back thousands of years prior to the Western Industrial Revolution, Eastern civilization has always been at the forefront of the world. The trend of the gradual easterly eastward spreading through the Silk Road has never stopped. Until the end of the feudal period there was still Zheng He's boom in the West. Civilization has been changing the world. However, since the Industrial Revolution, Western civilization reversed the situation in a strong posture. Industrial civilization replaced the position of Eastern Civilization and Xixing East began to eastward. But two hundred years have passed. What kind of world has now become? Pollution, violence, global warming, drought, flooding ..... A / E A woman lives in a worldly environment in which she is exhausted, she is depressed, she wants to escape the world and seek for the true restoration of her ego - - Regain the Eastern Zen feelings. The desire to purify, return to the original, to restore the ancient pure world is thirsty all over the world, and for Lianuu A / E this is the development and expansion of the brand, follow the trend of history, take the initiative to assume self-social responsibility, within a maximum of a Their own power to guide the pure natural lifestyle must be overwhelming. Leaving the shackles of Western civilization, leaving the so-called era of science and technology, the journey of returning to prosperity gradually began.


A / E2012 autumn and winter series is divided into a total of: elegant workmanship, elegant structure, rigorous return, comfort structure, the New West, the New Oriental six themes, vivid about a period of two hundred years after the West gradual today, a modern A / E A woman is looking for a journey back to nature in a city where technology and prosperity are full of lust and noisiness: In July, "Chic Work" expresses the busy work of A / E women in the city, the simple and neat costumes show the appearance of contemporary western style women , Chic silhouette and matching to make white-collar women full of autumn fashion atmosphere, July A / E for urban women cool and cool fashion brought. In August, heading east, came to the Germanic tribes, the dark mood of the Middle Ages and the worship of architecture, reinterpreting the elegant Gothic theme, "Houndstooth", houndstooth, vintage patterns and leather interlacing Gothic feeling. September, "Strict return", continue to the east, looking for the path to freedom, came to the Middle Ages by the Byzantine Empire, Istanbul, the Crusades atmosphere, the strong East and Western culture in Turkey meet, A / E woman military uniform Upper body continues to the east of the romantic trip. In October, continue to the east, the scenery on the road reflected A / E woman's eyes, the natural tone to express their poetic temperament, comfortable wool, surrounded by simple atmospheric outline out of A / E October "Comfort structure." In November, the "New West," modern A / E women from all over the world glow with different natural scents. Inspired by the natural wilderness, the appearance of the original animal pattern collides with the cold winter, extending out of the way. A new modern style, collision of exotic feelings. In December, as the end of the dream of returning to the East, Oriental New Oriental represents the A / E woman's natural beauty of luxury and Zen of oriental features. This is another purification of the A / E woman's self and the self-centered world. Rebirth


Rich in hair, soft fabric, the use of three-dimensional cut, simple atmospheric profile covering the entire autumn and winter 2012, modern and retro, nomadic and urban, party and leisure perfectly embodies the A / E to create a different temperament, to convey a different kind Style, guide the spirit of pure natural lifestyle.


Even the fashion A / E brand 2012 autumn and winter fashion conference - "Migration" is coming soon, it represents a new peak Renau A / E and ten years of transformation, so that AE women with a new style to meet a fine Fashion feast it!

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