Home textile shop window display four golden rules

Research by the American Marketing Association (AMA) shows that people pay attention to a certain product for the first 7 seconds. In this 7-second period, 70% of the people decide to buy goods, the primary decision factor. It is the visual expression of the product. This powerful visual expression comes from the comprehensive use of pattern colors in superb display design. In the home textile industry, the window display of bedding products is more powerful than any publicity. Most of the favorite home textiles are particularly prominent in storefront display. We have summarized the four golden principles of home textile display.

First, first consider the customer's sight. It is reported that the best visual field height is about 120 cm. Therefore, when considering the bedding display of the shop window, the bedding display should always be at the same height as the customer's line of sight. The window display of the specialty shop that loves home textiles is completely from the customer, considering the customer's sight, doing the theme display of the season, timely arranging the hot and promotional bedding products of the season in the most conspicuous position, and also improving the store sales. effect.

Second, the window and the store form a whole. The window is the face of the family for home textiles and clothing retail stores, and is the brand's first image. How to dress this face is the first step in people's perception of the whole brand. The shop display that loves home textiles starts from the brand's own fashion characteristics, fully considers the customer's first line of sight, and sets the window to highlight the theme, which is just right and impressive. Through the window display of fashion bedding, people have a better first impression of many favorite brands, and then they are attracted to the store. The favorite home textile window display is generally the main product and event information of the season, and various interesting scene settings can deepen the customer's impression of the bedding, which will detonate the sales.

Third, it should be in line with the marketing activities in the store. At least one promotional campaign is launched every month. For these marketing activities, corresponding display manuals will be developed to ensure that each store can make a bedding display that is highly compatible with marketing activities. The series of promotional activities with a combination of gods and gods can certainly achieve greater results.

Fourth, the theme is simple and clear, and the style is outstanding. In general, the window display should be clear and concise, and it is not appropriate to choose dark and high-end bedding for the window theme. Relatively speaking, most of the favorite home textiles are dominated by simple and simple style bedding. It is an external manifestation of the brand image and the inner needs of consumers. Moreover, it is easier to deepen the consumer's favorite fashion home textiles. The brand awareness stimulates consumers' deep sensory and emotional needs.

A window is a picture. I like to use the window as a drawing paper. I use the colorful bedding to paint freely, and carry the fashion to the end. I am deeply recognized by the market and highly praised. (more love home textiles)


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