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Ladies fashion brand Cache Cache recently appeared in the 20th China International Clothing & Accessories Fair. Cache Cache is one of the six women's brands under the French Bonman Novak Group, which has been 25 years old. At present, Cache Cache has its own stores all over the world, and it is widely distributed in many countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, China, Singapore, Thailand, Poland, Turkey, Greece and Egypt. Each quarter, Cache Cache will focus on the trend of fashion trends, trying to design a stylish yet approachable, sophisticated and full of fun products.

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Cache Cache for women to create a unique fashion concept --- enjoy the fun of mix and match fun style, unique style, Cache Cache girls are good at playing the game mentality of fashion, looking for happiness, looking for a unique self. Cache Cache is a brand that has emerged to meet these needs.

For the Cache Cache, fashion is a game. This is full of original sense and versatility of the brand is a source of inspiration, always cater to different moods. Cache Cache style full of femininity and vibrant, unique and original with unique accessories to create fashion solutions for everyone, with approachable prices and styles with a mix of colorful and vibrant single product highlight feminine fashion breath. In design, Cache Cache is inspired by the latest trends, art, culture and travel.

Stehane Torck, General Manager of Cache Cache in China, regards "uniqueness" as the essence of the brand. "Unique is the philosophy of Bomanoi Group. It emphasizes the spirit of sharing between the company and its partners, focusing on retail management experience, human resource management , As well as a well-targeted consumer strategy, and in the next two years we plan to open 1,000 stores in China. "

The CHIC debut, in addition to display clothing products, Cache Cache also organized during the exhibition theme of "fashion around you" exchange activities for the trend of women's fashion trend guide to build information sharing platform.

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