Makassini Men's 2012 "Earth Hour" lights out the scene record

On March 31, the global launching ceremony of the globally linked "Earth Hour" successfully concluded in Beijing's Badaling Great Wall. This is not only a positive move by people around the world in response to the WWF call to address climate change, but also an expression of their own environmental protection. Global Earth Hour Ambassador Li Bing Bing led 300 undergraduates holding green leaves symbolizing the theme of environmental protection Run into the venue by the Great Wall, each green leaf is written on their unique environmental advocacy. Ding Geng, executive director of MARCCASNE (Mencasini Men's Wear), one of the main sponsors, accepted an exclusive interview with the TV station on environmental issues and held cordial talks with Jim Gradovill, Chief Representative of WWF China. Li Yuchun, Ambassador of China for Earth Hour, shared his environmental experience with you at the scene. 8:30 With the sound of countdown on the spot, "Earth Hour" light-off ceremony officially started.

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