Britain Should Take More Steps to Welcome Chinese Consumers

The British Fashion Association, Harold Tillman, said on Friday that Britain should step up measures in various aspects to encourage Chinese consumers to travel to the United Kingdom for consumption. Harold said: "In terms of visas, we will definitely reduce the difficulty and make it easier for Chinese consumers to travel to the UK."

Harold said that he will lead a seminar to provide a concrete solution to the issue of delays in Chinese consumer visas. With the economic recession in the European region, Chinese consumers have played a pivotal role in the European economy. Last year, the average single consumer spending in London from January to October reached 1058 pounds, which is 10 times that of ordinary British consumers.

More and more Chinese consumers have begun to admire British brands and have their own unique vision. For them, in many cases, money is not a problem. The key is to find the ones you like. Louis Vuitton, Harrods, Harvey Nichols and other brands have even started to hire Chinese-speaking staff to communicate with Chinese consumers. Some shopping malls even started accepting UnionPay payments.

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