Feixunfeisi original women's clever integration of European and Korean fashion elements

Philippine Xun Fez ladies fashion, based on the casual, career, social, intellectual and a little feminine into which the original proposition, beautiful. So that these women wear T station in all places complement each other. Simple, the wave of Europe, Italy, South Korea and the native culture of clothing cleverly combined to lead the new knowledge of women's new dress ideas ... ...


菲勋菲斯原创女装 巧妙融合欧意韩时尚元素

Barbie Shoes and Sandals

At the beginning, Barbie was a kind toy invented by Ruth Handler, it was first showed at American International Toy Fair and from that time on, it was popular. Now it is owned and produced by Mattel Company. Times going on, some business company began to source different products for some famous brands, and BARBIE is one of them. And they used this brand name for shoes, for bags, for clothing etc. However, it needs to get authorization from the Mattel company and produced the relevant products. Shoes like Girls Sandals, sneakers, Athletics Shoes, Party shoes, Wedge Shoes, Flat Shoes like ballerinas, no matter slip-on shoes or open toe shoes, one band sandals or thongs, stripes sandals with different decorations, they are all the categories kids of girls like. 

Barbie shoes, sandals

Barbie Shoes

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