Five magic weapons to make your corporate website weight increase steadily

[China Glass Network] With the widespread application of traditional small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing, if you want your own corporate website to stand out in many websites, having a high-weight corporate website is a relatively basic premise. Without this basic premise, your website marketing will definitely go even harder. Mastering the following five magic weapons will help you to achieve half of your success.

First, the stability of the server

Occupying a stable server is the basic condition for doing a good job. If the server is unstable and cannot be accessed normally, it will be downgraded by the search engine or will be k. A website that cannot be accessed normally will definitely not be a good website in the search engine, and users of the website will be lost. If the server is attacked and the station cannot be accessed normally, the Baidu spider will not be able to crawl to your website. The snapshot cannot be updated. It is even more impossible to be included. Therefore, we must be stable when choosing the server. Can't save.

Second, the original content

The soul of a website originates from the content of the website, and updates certain original articles on time and on time. This not only plays a big role in the search engine, but also contributes to injecting new blood into the Internet. Search engines say that they are the original content, but purely original time is too much, and there are not many talents of the webmaster, so it is not suitable for most webmasters. To get original ideas and ideas, you can find some articles from some foreign websites as a reference, or explore topics and content from some personal blogs and forums. In order for a search engine to fall in love with you, you must write something unparalleled in the world. It is also worth mentioning that a good article is definitely inseparable from the eye-catching topic. Write some hot, hot heads.

Third, update frequency

The content update of the website should be a very simple thing for a webmaster, but it is necessary to repeat the simple things continuously and do well to be successful. The goal of updating content is to better optimize the website, provide more information to the users, and also to let the search engine see, our website is built by bricks and tiles. Baidu spider's crawling rules have explosive crawling. Confirmed crawling, stable crawling, and ordinary new stations are stable crawling. If this is the crawling rule, Baidu snapshots will not be updated every day. Therefore, we must keep it on time and in accordance with the actual situation, we must be stable, the update should be even more, and update the contents of some columns and sub-columns.

Fourth, high quality external chain

The weight of the website is based on what is passed, and the weight of the website is transmitted by the link. To quickly increase the weight of your website, you must create a high-quality chain. Give a few examples:

1. Quality is the external chain to start from the friendship link, not seeking more but refinement, quality is more important than quantity, and looking for some high-quality friendship links, not only can improve the weight of the website, but also help related keyword promotion.

2. Baidu Encyclopedia added links, Baidu Encyclopedia is Baidu's own products, the weight is of course very high, the application of this, to add a link to the site is a very rational choice, but can not do more, a few days a day.

3. Forums and blogs add external links. This is because many webmasters often use them. In some famous forums, blogs set signature responses and post postings.

4. Soft text growth outside the chain, such as a5, chinaz, such a popular station to publish soft text, to win quality links.

V. Number of entries

The more a website is indexed by the search engine, the higher its weight, but the inclusion is not proportional to the weight, because the weight of the high and low depends on the quality of the page link. If you want to increase the amount of content, you must do more original content. The higher the originality, the easier it is to be included. This is beyond doubt. Also, the server mentioned above must be stable. If you can't open it, don't want to be included. Try not to make major revisions. Individual search engines will have a period of observation on the revised website. During this period, the number of websites and Baidu snapshots will not be updated at all, so be sure to pay attention to this. As far as content collection is concerned, I propose to try not to do it. If your content is mostly from collection, it will lack original readability, and the search engine will only be symbolically included.

Of course, the above are the five basic magic weapons to enhance the weight of the website. In addition to these 5 points, there are other factors that affect the weight of the website. At the same time, if you extend these five magic weapons, there will be more branch points, and at the implementation level. On, we also need everyone to work hard! Do this well in order to truly and steadily increase the weight of your website!

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